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BC Nature magazine

Family - $35.00        Individual - $30.00       Student (18-22) - $10.00

Renewal is every January. Members automatically become members of BC Nature (Federation of British Columbia Naturalists), the federation that represents nature clubs in B.C., and receive the quarterly magazine of the same name.

Membership Form [PDF]
When possible, we invite you to minimize paper by filling the form in on your computer, and sending payment via e-transfer. These tip sheets will help if you are less familiar than some. They can be saved to your computer desktop for reference:
Fill in and email membership form
Sending payment via e-transfer

Informed consent and assumption of risk agreement for children under 19 or additional adult family members[PDF]

How to Use Membership and Informed Consent and Assumption of Risk Forms:

Single memberships and families consisting of two adults: There are two sides of the page that need to be filled in and signed. All adult members must provide signatures for Acceptance of Terms and Conditions of membership (page 1) and the Informed Consent and Assumption of Risk (page 2).

Student membership: Students 19 years of age and older must sign pages 1 and 2, described above. Parents/guardians of members in the Student category who are under the age of 19 must sign both pages on the student's behalf.

Family memberships including children or additional adults: For those members registered under the Family category, where there are children or additional adults in the immediate family (beyond the first two), an additional form must be filled out on their behalf. It is single-sided, labeled WILLIAMS LAKE FIELD NATURALISTS CLUB INFORMED CONSENT and ASSUMPTION OF RISK - AGREEMENT FOR CHILDREN UNDER 19 YEARS OF AGE OR ADDITIONAL ADULT FAMILY PERSONS

To sum up: All adult members must personally sign the Assumption of Risk in order to partake in Club events and activities for the year being signed up for. This will be part of every annual renewal with the WLFN from now on. For those members who are in the Student category and under the age of 19, a parent or guardian must sign on their behalf. For Family memberships with children under the age of 19 or with additional adult members, an additional Assumption of Risk form must be signed as well.

Please mail forms and membership fees to:
Williams Lake Field Naturalists - membership, 1305A Borland Road, Williams Lake B.C. V2G 5K5

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