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Club Activities

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Field Trip List for 2019
There is still a lot of time for additional club field trips, if you would like to add to our list please contact Jim 778-764-2752 or muskratexpress@shaw.ca or Fred at 250-392-7680 or Fred_McMechan@telus.net. Thanks to all of the volunteer leaders.

Alkali Lake
(April 14, 2019) Too late, you missed this one.

Chilanko Marsh, Tatlayoko Lake and Group Choice
Friday May 18th to May 20th (Leader: Jim Sims 778-764-2752)
Meet at Puntzi Lake Tanker Base at 9:30 am on Saturday morning (allow a minimum of 2 hours driving time from Williams Lake) or contact Jim if you want to meet him at the marsh on Friday night. This is an annual bird species count conducted on the marsh and the surrounding riparian zone. The marsh provides an opportunity to see most of the waterfowl that are summer residents on Chilcotin lakes and marshes along with a great variety of songbirds. Join us for a casual day long walk around the ponds as we search out the variety of bird species around the marsh. Following the birding you are welcome to gather at Jim’s new Eagle Lake home (Tern Inn) for Saturday night. You still might want to bring a tent or camper as there is limited space available indoors even with the new home, (the sauna will be warmed up and the ice is almost off the lake). There will be a pot luck supper Saturday evening and a pancake breakfast Sunday morning. Sunday we will take a walk along the south of Martin Lake that features Spectacular views of the coast mountains an open Jack pine forest and Wild Horse meadows. On Victoria Day Monday we will make a group decision on where to spend the morning. Some of us will be going to the Bennie Cabin on Nimpo Lake on Tuesday and you are welcome to travel with us to help open the cabin.

Birding at Scout Island Nature Centre
Sunday May 26th (morning) (Leader: Cathy Koot 250-392-4250)
Meet at Scout Island at 8:30 am. Stroll the trails to look and listen for migrant and resident birds at the Nature Centre. Expect to encounter birds of the marsh plus riparian and woodland birds.

Williams Lake River Lower Valley Birding
Sunday June 9th (morning) (Leader: Phil Ranson 250-398-7110)
Meet at 8:00am in the Trailhead Parking Lot below Comer Street. We will carpool from there down to the lower parking lot. Join with Phil for a morning walk in the river valley. Learn some of the bird songs of the many birds that will be nesting in the valley at this time of the year. No dogs on this trip please. Plan to return to the trailhead by 11:00 to 11:30

Dry Lake, Churn Creek Protected Area – Hike
Sunday, June 2 (Leader: Peter Opie 250-392-1440)
Meet at the Wye (parking lot by A&W) at 7:00 am to carpool. Drive to Churn Creek Protected Area to hike down from the Iron Gate Road to Dry Lake then loop to a lower pick up point for a shuttle. This moderate hike will feature grassland, vistas and rare plants. Have good shoes; bring lunch and lots of water. This will be a joint trip with the Friends of Churn Creek.

Fox Mountain Walk
Wednesday evening June 5th (Leader: Ray Hornby 250-392-2271)
Join us for a walk along the trails on Fox Mountain. Good chance of viewing birds, wild flowers, and wildlife including deer, moose, bear, and fox. As well as an opportunity for great vista views of the lake. Meet at the corner of Fox Mountain Road and Teal Place (2nd road on left at top) at 6:30 pm. Bring camera and binoculars. Walk is relatively easy and dry.

Jimmy’s Fox Trail
Wednesday, June 19 (Leader: Peter Opie 250-392-1440)
Meet 6:30 pm at the Tourism Discovery Centre to arrange shuttle to Fox Mountain. This moderate hike will follow the bike trail from Mason Road down to the TDC. Enjoy great views from the top. We’ll travel through classic dry-belt Douglas-fir forest stand structure with recent fir-beetle management. Just over 2 hours walking.

150 Mile Fuel Management in Mule Deer Winter Range
Wednesday, June 26 (Leader: Peter Opie 250-392-1440)
Meet at Scout Island gate at 6:30 pm or the 150 Mile ballfields (0.9 km on Rideau Lake Road) at 7:00. We will review the recent fuel management project with Forest Health Specialist, Alex Tranq. Expect discussion on wildfire risk, deer habitat, forest health, timber yield and residual fuel utilization.

Clyde Mountain Hike, Churn Creek P.A.
Sunday September 1, 2019 (Leaders: Peter Opie (250-392-1440) and Jim Young)
Clyde Mountain is a moderately high, flat topped ridge bordering the west side of the Fraser River in the central part of the Protected Area. It is a designated ecological reference area with no cattle grazing and great views of the Fraser River Valley. From the Empire Valley road, we will hike up onto the ridge (moderate slopes) on an old road and then enjoy a great walk along the top of the ridge (gentle to moderate slopes) through a variety of grasslands and open forests. Total walking distance will be about 6 to 8 km depending on interests of the group. A car shuttle will allow us to drive back to the starting point. Be sure to bring lots of drinking water and a lunch and wear good boots. Meet at the “Y” by the A&W at 6:30 a.m. This will be a joint trip with the Friends of Churn Creek.

Fox Mountain Area
Wednesday September 11th (Leader: Ken Day (restoration planning, plant succession)
Details to follow in the June Newsletter.

Junction Sheep Range
Sunday October 20rd (Leader: Fred McMechan 250-392-7680)
Meet at Scout Island at 8:00am. Bring a lunch, water bottle and your binoculars for this annual day long drive and hike into the park. This will be at the peak of the California Big-horned Sheep rut so look forward to seeing the sheep and perhaps you will be lucky and see or hear some head-butting.

Canoeing in Beaver Valley. Photo Ken Day

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