Fish swimming with the salmon

From Harry Jennings: “I easily recognize the sockeye salmon under the bridge, but what are the other grey plentiful fish appearing to be heading upstream as well?”Many people were excited to see the sockeye salmon swimming under the Nekw7usem bridge into Williams Lake this September. It has been several years since they have been seenContinue reading “Fish swimming with the salmon”

Bluebird Nestbox Project

Contributed by Loyd Csizmadia. Concerned about the use of pesticides to control grasshoppers, Williams Lake Field Naturalist Anna Roberts approached the ranchers of Becher’s Prairie with an alternative: Mountain Bluebirds. In 1977-78, the Williams Lake Field Naturalists initiated the Becher’s Prairie Resource Management Plan. Funding from the provincial Department of Agriculture paid for the constructionContinue reading “Bluebird Nestbox Project”

Are long-billed curlews really shorebirds?

Long-billed curlews are North America’s largest shorebirds but they are often found away from shorelines. In our region, we usually associate them with dry open grasslands but this is only the breeding part of their life cycle. They breed on open grasslands in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and many northwest and north central U.S. StatesContinue reading “Are long-billed curlews really shorebirds?”