Muskrat Express Archives

Two muskrats snuggle together on a log in the water.

2022 Archives

September/October 2022
Get to know our lichens
Fishy Business
Members Moment

June 2022
Field trip reports
Links to YouTube videos
Spring yard and garden sale

May 2022
Bluebird program report 2022
Planting seeds for the future
Field Trip list for 2022
Summer staff at Scout Island NC

March/April 2022
Annual Alkali Lake Field Trip
Accessibility Award
Harbingers of Spring

January/February 2022
From Jim at Eagle Lake
A Trip to the Past
54th Annual Williams Lake
Christmas Bird Count

2021 Archives

November/December 2021
Water Quality and Ecology
John Woods Retirement
Scout Island: Late Fall Update

September/October 2021
Williams Lake Water Quality
Tatlayoko Lake Bird Observatory
Canadian Bat Box Project

July/August 2021
Bike To Work and School
Fox Mountain hike
Plant Sale Report

March/April 2021
Lewis’s Woodpecker
Annual General Meeting
Monitoring a Bluebird Route

January/February 2021
53rd Annual Williams Lake
Christmas Bird Count
Plant Sale

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